The American Way of War

On TPM Cafe, a part of the Talking Points Memo media empire, I’m in a week-long discussion of a new book, The American Way of War: Guided Missiles, Misguided Men and a Republic in Peril, which oddly takes the title of the Russell Weigley classic without acknowledgement. The other participants are the author, Eugene Jarecki, […]

Cato Debates Potential Auto Industry Bailout on

Cato Senior Fellow Daniel J. Mitchell participated in a debate yesterday on that discussed the possible implications of a government bailout of the U.S. auto industry. Mitchell argued against it, and in the middle of the debate, NPR held an online poll that showed that 68 percent of listeners agreed with him. Quotes from […]

Does Harper Support Regulation of Gambling and Financial Services?

My post yesterday regarding Members of Congress who voted to exempt financial derivatives from state gambling laws created a firestorm of controversy. Well, two people asked me about it, anyway . . . (A new post on the presidential candidates who didn’t help create our economic problems is available for your perusal, by the […]

No Socialists Here

Is Barack Obama a socialist? That’s the question Cato adjunct scholar Don Boudreaux asks in one of the last paper editions of the Christian Science Monitor. Not really, he concludes. But Anyone who speaks glibly of “spreading the wealth around” sees wealth not as resulting chiefly from individual effort, initiative, and risk-taking, but from great social […]


Brookings Institution economist Henry Aaron writes in this week’s New England Journal of Medicine: Unfortunately, the U.S. health care system could not be better structured to frustrate the elimination of waste than if it had been designed to do just that.

Today at Cato

Article: “Nuclear Energy: Risky Business,” by Jerry Taylor in Reason Magazine Nuclear energy is to the Right what solar energy is to the Left: Religious devotion in practice, a wonderful technology in theory, but an economic white elephant in fact (some crossovers on both sides notwithstanding). When the day comes that the electricity from solar […]

Who Should Pay for Your Sheepskin?

Over at, they’ve just kicked off a debate on the resolution  “that individuals, not the state, should pay for higher education.” On Monday, they will post my “featured guest” statement on the resolution in question, so I can’t give away my exciting conclusions right now. I can, though, give you a hint about one […]

If You Don’t Think You Should Be Searched on the Subway

The good folks at the Flex Your Rights Foundation have produced a Citizen’s Guide to Refusing DC Metro Searches. A timely response to news that there would be random searches, which is poor counterterrorism.

For a Good Time Call the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Back in September, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service became a punchline after issuing 3.5 million duck stamps with the wrong phone number. But it wasn’t just any ordinary wrong number.  Unassuming callers who were “lucky” enough to dial it were invited to “talk only to the girls that turn you on” for $1.99 a […]

Bailouts: Where Will They End?

“There’s no logical end to it,” Cato Senior Fellow Gerald P. O’Driscoll Jr. said to Neil Cavuto on Fox Business. He’s talking about the incredible expanding bailouts. It started with Bear Stearns in March and then homebuilders in April. Then Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in September, and after that the deluge. AIG, announced at […]