Kennedy on Jerusalem

Getting named New York’s junior senator apparently requires pandering to those who support Israel’s right wing. From Nick Confessore’s written interview with Caroline Kennedy (and her staff) in the New York Times: Q. Do you believe that an undivided Jerusalem must be the national capital of the State of Israel? A. Yes, Caroline believes that […]

To Stimulate the Economy, Defeat Health Care Reform

The Church of Universal Coverage is telling us that national health insurance will stimulate economic growth. Senate Finance Committee chairman Max Baucus (D-MT) says universal health insurance coverage is the key to a healthy economy. MIT economist Jonathan Gruber says “health care reform is good for our economy.” Business Week columnist Chris Farrell writes, “Universal […]

Who Says Health Care Reform Is Likely?

After so many PG-13 stories about health care reform and a new administration that everybody’s really hoping makes it happen, the press is starting to write rated-R stories about the actual chances for comprehensive reform. Today, I was quoted in a couple of the R-rated stories. Investor’s Business Daily reports on two Congressional Budget Office […]

At Least We’ll Get More of the Same…

The latest issue of The Economist praises president elect Obama’s pick of Arne Duncan to lead the department of education. In particular, it predicts that “Mr Duncan may restore the spirit of co-operation that helped pass NCLB in 2001.” But bi-partisanship is not intrinsically desirable. It is only good when it results in good policies. NCLB […]

Rosen on DHS

More on that Rosen piece in the New Republic on the Department of Homeland Security (a name we should change, by the way) that Dave Rittgers just wrote about.  As Rosen notes, a society that is rational about danger, in the sense of equal attention to risks of equal magnitude, would not have created a Department of Homeland […]

Inside the Dept. of Homeland Security

Jeffrey Rosen has an article up at The New Republic criticizing the Department of Homeland Security as a bipartisan effort to be seen doing something about terrorism.  Unfortunately, that something fails any rational cost-benefit analysis:  “Both parties seem incapable of acknowledging an uncomfortable but increasingly obvious truth: that the Department of Homeland Security was a […]

You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

The Congressional Budget Office released two much-anticipated reports on health care today.  I’m just on the first page of the first report and already I found this gem: By themselves, premium subsidies or mandates to obtain health insurance would not achieve universal coverage. Universal coverage: crescit eundo.

How Much Will Global Warming Cost Us?

A lot more than we used to think … or so we are told.  Turns out that the economists who study this matter are not so convinced.  Those interested in what the most recent literature review has to say on this topic should go here:  Short answer: If you believe the scientific narrative offered […]

Short on Funds? Maybe Skip the Massage

Just when you’re ready to feel sorry about the terrible treament colleges and their students receive at the hands of cheapskate legislators and economic downturns, you see the pampering they’re receiving from other hands. It almost makes you not want to send them your hard-earned cash.

Students! Apply Now!

The Second Annual International Students For Liberty Conference will be held at George Washington University (Washington, D.C.), from February 20-22, 2009. The conference has already received 100 applications from students in 13 countries, and will be accepting between 150-200 students. Bringing students together to hear about issues affecting liberty and discuss how to promote liberty […]