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Why do people recycle?

cato institute
rf186 asked:

People waste so much time recycling and I can’t understand why. The only recyclable materials that are actually worth recycling, companies are actually willing to pay you for (aluminium & steel). The rest actually do the opposite of what you’re trying to accomplish through recycling, it takes more energy & creates more pollution (the refining process) and costs an enormous amout of money (taxpayer money) and manpower to refine these products.
The 1st story that I read to address this issue stated that “Recycling may be the most wasteful activity in modern America” printed in the New York Times in 1996. America has no shortage of landfills, and the current landfill regulations are very environmentally friendly and are the most cost effective way of disposing of waste.
There is no shortage of trees available in the US the number of trees in our forest has actually increased in the last 50 years according to Jerry Taylor, director of natural resources at the Cato Institute.
I love some of these answers! Incredibly funny.
With the exception of the aluminium & steel recyclers, has anyone noticed that all of the research that supports recycling is done by or supported by persons or groups who have a financial interest in recycling.

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