Why do people recycle?

rf186 asked: People waste so much time recycling and I can’t understand why. The only recyclable materials that are actually worth recycling, companies are actually willing to pay you for (aluminium & steel). The rest actually do the opposite of what you’re trying to accomplish through recycling, it takes more energy & creates more pollution […]

Is there a recent poll of scientists on global warming by a qualified polling agency?

Scythian1950 asked: Most of the poll results of scientists’ opinions about global warming reported on blog sites are far out of date. Does anyone know of a more recent poll, except the one by the Cato Institute? Portfolio challenge strategy

What do you think of this information regarding Global Warming?

sociald asked: http://www.cato.org/pubs/pas/pa576.pdf This is an extensive compilation and analysis of gathered data and studies regarding global warming by Patrick Michaels , Professor of natural resources at Virginia Polytechnic and Virginia State and Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute. Well crabby which special interest group that funded other studies would you believe?? The fact that […]