It Ain’t Necessarily So

Last week I observed that existing hobbled “school choice” programs have yet to transform American education because they fall far short of free markets. NRO’s Carol Iannone responds: Well, of course! And necessarily so…. public education could never be completely open to a fully free market…. [And even if it were,] the results would not be pretty, because the […]

Airbus, Alabama, Boeing, and McCain

Press reports on the tanker saga have left two points unappreciated. The first is the hidden cost of creating a new aircraft assembly facility in Alabama. The second is how John McCain’s demands for competition in this deal helped Airbus and Northrop – not because McCain is crooked but because competition in defense contracting is […]

The Toilet Paper Police

This story from a Florida TV station probably calls for some serious analysis about over-regulation and the need for cost-benefit analysis. But that presupposes a level of maturity that I don’t have. Instead, I’ll just note that it’s about time that politicians address issues where they have genuine expertise: A proposed law currently making its […]

Keystone Cops, D.C. Auxiliary

In a new plan to combat crime on the streets of our fair city, Mayor Adrian Fenty and Police Chief Cathy Lanier are encouraging residents to submit to voluntary searches of their homes in exchange for amnesty if the residents have illegal guns (or drugs).  (”Excuse me, ma’am, mind if I take a look around… […]

Blame OPEC? Not So Fast!

In today’s Washington Post, columnist Robert Samuelson blames OPEC for the 2003-2008 oil price spiral in an arresting column titled OPEC’s Triumph. Color me skeptical. Samuelson says that the beginning of the price surge can be traced back to early 1999, when oil prices were around $10 a barrel. OPEC and major non-OPEC producers in […]

EPA Should Avoid Regulating Carbon Dioxide Emissions

An "endangerment finding" would spark many measures with the potential to harm the U.S. economy and intrude on citizens' daily activities.

EPA Should Not Increase the Ozone Regulation Burden

The EPA's proposal would hurt the economy and offers only marginal health benefits at best.

Nuclear Waste Policy Amendments Act of 2008: Modernizing Spent Fuel Management in the U.S.

The Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982 does not provide the clarifications, authorization, and flexibility needed to move nuclear power forward in the United States. The Nuclear Waste Policy Amendments Act of 2008 would take some significant steps in addressing these problems, but in the end, the nation may need a complete overhaul of its […]

The EU’s Climate Change Package: Not a Model to Be Copied

The United States should follow a pro-market approach that avoids mandatory targets and focuses on technological development.

House Energy Bill Promises Higher Prices, More Deaths, and Big Subsidies for Unproven Technologies

The House's bill would drive up costs for consumers and businesses, decrease auto safety, and, at best, marginally benefit the environment.