Omnibus Prohibits Oil Shale Development

Spending bills should not include policy riders that stand in the way of U.S. energy independence.

The U.S. Must Be Resolute to Avoid Harmful Consequences of the Bali Global Warming Conference

The U.S. should remain adamant in its opposition to binding emissions caps and insist that any agreement be flexible and focus on solutions that do not unduly constrain economic growth.

Don’t Tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, But Tap Elsewhere

To address high gas prices, Congress should reduce restrictions on domestic oil production.

Don’t List the Polar Bear Under the Endangered Species Act

Listing the polar bear as a threatened species would harm the economy and possibly the bears as well.

Ethanol Loses Ground at U.N. Climate Conference: Congress Should Rethink Energy Bill Mandate

Ethanol mandates come at a steep price and will not solve energy and environmental problems.

Taking It to the Teachers Unions

The Center for Union Facts just rolled out a national campaign yesterday highlighting one of the primary functions of teachers unions; protecting bad teachers and keeping good ones down. From the AP: Critics who say unions block education reforms and make it virtually impossible to fire bad teachers will offer 10 instructors it deems the […]

The Freedom Movement Surges on Broadway

Move over, George Clooney. Libertarianism is the hottest new thing among serious artists. One of our greatest living playwrights, David Mamet, has just announced that he has given up “brain-dead liberalism” for a new appreciation of capitalism and constitutionalism. As a child of the ’60s, I accepted as an article of faith that government is […] Enjoying Streisand Effect

A site for community review of police officers called gets the benefit of the “Streisand effect” today. For a period of time, it was shut down by its web registrar,, most likely because of law enforcement complaints about being subject to public oversight. (The “Streisand effect” is the phenomenon where an attempt to […]

Obama Finds Juche ‘Intriguing’

Another dispatch from my (fictitious) anonymous correspondent on the (faux) campaign trail: LANCASTER, Pa. — Sen. Barack Obama told a crowd of enthusiastic supporters here that the North Korean concept of “Juche,” its stated policy of complete economic and social independence and isolation, is “intriguing” and worthy of further study as a possible antidote to […]

McCullagh on Mass Surveillance

At his Iconoclast blog, Declan McCullagh has a very good write-up of the broad sweep of NSA surveillance and the resurrection of the Total Information Awareness program in a new guise.