A Dan Mitchell Debate Fantasy

By Daniel J. Mitchell

In this modern era where we’re all supposed to share our innermost thoughts, I’ve openly discussed my fantasies. I confessed to the world, for instance, that I have a fantasy that involves about one-half of the adults in America. And I’ve also admitted to a fantasy involving Gov. Rick Perry of Texas. Now I’m fantasizing […]

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What do you think of the fact that liberals can cite the official websites of scientific organization?

trovalta_stinks_2 asked: in support of man made global warming, while conservatives have to resort to citing editorials from political and amateur websites like the CATO Institute, heritage.com, just-boilers.com, junkscience.com, youtube.com, wikipedia.com, etc, etc? HERE’S MY LIST AGAIN. NOTE HOW I’M CITING OFFICIAL STATEMENTS DIRECTLY FROM THE OFFICIAL WEBSITES OF SCIENTIFIC ORGANIZATIONS. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AolFInc6ScsWZ2AnrllXxOnsy6IX?qid=20070619060241AAoOEhM sunshine, Right… Just […]

Do con GW deniers understand that skeptism.com, junkscience.com (created by the CATO institute)?

trovalta_stinks_2 asked: newsmax.com, worldnetdaily.com, googlevideo.com, youtube.com, wikipedia.com and other editiorials/vidoes from political/amatuer websites do not have the same credibility as the websites of well established scientific organizations? Somebody asked how do we know what the majority of climate scientists support man made global warming. Well one way is to look for all the well established […]

How do you short circut intellectual examination or brainwash?

mano w asked: Dear priests of the global warming church, Google this Patrick J. Michaels Professor of Environmental Sciences University of Virginia, and Senior Fellow in Environmental Studies at Cato Institute Living trusts

Why do cons keep linking to poltical websites for their global warming “facts”?

trovalta_stinks_2 asked: What kind of moron goes to the CATO institute, newsmax.com, and junkscience.com (created by a CATO flunkie) for their global warming news? Cons do yourselves a favor and go see what the actual scientific organizations are saying. Libs quote scientific organizations. Cons quote a dwindling minority of scientists who have doubts (and do […]

Are Liberals responsible for the improved quality of life in the US?

TheMayor asked: Progressives (Liberals today) always claim that they are responsible for raising the quality of life and standard of living for workers; however, they have only razed the standard of living for average workers by increasing their tax burden. Worker safety, consumer protection, and higher wages came into existence because of agreements between big […]

Why are the right wingers screaming about Moveon and George Soros?

asked: When they have Richard Mellon Scaife. As partisans go, there isn’t anyone else willing to put so much of their money where their ideologies drive them, $340 million by some estimates. Among the right-wing organizations substantially funded by Mr. Scaife are the Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute, Judicial Watch, Cato Institute and a […]

Does this Cato Institute article about the Fed totally hit the nail on the head?

Randall E asked: http://www.cato.org/pubs/bp/bp103.pdf I agree – they pull fuel and food because of the volatility historically, which skews month by month results – but when the trend for 90 months is upwards…….. Free mortgage quote

Why do you cons keep lying about Al Gore?

Ann Coulter’s Nemesis asked: Al Gore does live up to what he preaches. You just need to dig beyond the corporate right wing media echo chamber to find out.The Swiftboaters attack on Al Gore after his Academy award for An Inconvenient Truth, is not being done by a “non-partisan, independent” organization. Tennessee Center’s President Drew […]

Where there are some good conservative websites for news and information?

libertarianpartytnrocks asked: I like the libertarian websites, The Cato Institute, and a few others, but always looking for new information in the political arena. Check mortgage score free