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Did President Bush have the worst ever Economy and Fiscal Policies?

cato institute
LadySnowbird asked:

President Bush “The Mother of All Big Spenders”, the conservative think-tank Cato Institute writes that “Sadly, the Bush administration has consistently sacrificed sound policy to the god of political expediency”. Yet when Democrats want to increase spending on domestic issues such as health care for the poor Bush suddenly becomes a “fiscal conservative” accusing them of “working to bring back the failed tax-and-spend policies of the past” and vowing to fight them. But says Cato’s Chris Edwards, “When he gives speeches now, you hear him bashing the Democrats on overspending. It sounds ridiculous, because we know he’s a big spender”. “After running up $9 trillion in new debt – including his flawed Iraq policy – it is astounding that the president is once again lecturing Congress about fiscal responsibility and fiscal priorities,”

“Bush doesn’t know how to stop. Like a credit-card thief, the President of the United States is going on a shopping binge and making other people pay.”

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