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Are Liberals responsible for the improved quality of life in the US?

cato institute
TheMayor asked:

Progressives (Liberals today) always claim that they are responsible for raising the quality of life and standard of living for workers; however, they have only razed the standard of living for average workers by increasing their tax burden.

Worker safety, consumer protection, and higher wages came into existence because of agreements between big business and government, in an effort to stymie big business’ competition.

BTW, in case you where wondering townhall and the Cato Institute are Libertarian organizations, and John Stossel is from ABC news, so you cannot claim this article is Conservative propaganda!

Libertarians are the true Liberals of today. Liberals, go hijack some other term to push your socialist agenda!
g, I know it’s hard for you, but stop breathing through your mouth and try to answer the question. You cannot do this by asking another question. The question is: Are Liberals responsible for raising the standard of living? It is not a debate on whether or not worker safety and food inspection is a good thing.
Screaming Eagle: You make good points. Although, I do not agree that Kennedy was a Liberal Democrat. At least not Liberal by today’s standards.
MishMash: I though Liberals (of today) were suppose to be intelligent. You really are making a bad impression of them. A. You did not read my question, I guess all of the “big” words confused you. B. You did not read the linked article. All you did was spout a typical Liberal diatribe stating how liberals are so great and conservatives are so evil. If you had read my question you would know I am Libertarian NOT a Conservative, and if you had read the article you would know it debunked your entire diatribe. Take a pointer from the smart liberals like Tofu Jesus and Screaming Eagle, and at least read and think before you write! Idiot!
MishMash: Much better comment, I recant what I said. I only want people to think not answer the question with the same tired rhetoric over and over.

Hardartsystems: You should change your name to hardartsystems, super genius. What would make you think I am not a black man? Because I can think for myself? Maybe because I can write proper English? Could it be because you think no black man could ever not be a cog in the monolithic Democratic Liberal machine? That has always been the problem Liberals. They always claim to be so open minded and accepting of every race, but deep down inside Liberals are the most racist people of all. The second you disagree with a Liberal the deep-seated racism bubbles out. It sounds like you have spend your first 40 years on this planet learning absolutely nothing. Do NOT make the same mistake with you last 40.

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