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Why are the right wingers screaming about Moveon and George Soros?

cato institute

When they have Richard Mellon Scaife. As partisans go, there isn’t anyone else willing to put so much of their money where their ideologies drive them, $340 million by some estimates.

Among the right-wing organizations substantially funded by Mr. Scaife are the Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute, Judicial Watch, Cato Institute and a working group within his American Spectator publication called the “Arkansas Project,” whose specific aim was to locate and create dirt on the Clintons in order to smear them, in hopes of removing Clinton from office.
I mean isn’t this the guy that tells them what to think, anyone who knows anything about this guy knows he’s a major league scumbag or does your side just scream in hopes of hiding the facts?
Lonestar is deluded or ignorant or BOTH

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