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Why do you cons keep lying about Al Gore?

cato institute
Ann Coulter’s Nemesis asked:

Al Gore does live up to what he preaches. You just need to dig beyond the corporate right wing media echo chamber to find out.The Swiftboaters attack on Al Gore after his Academy award for An Inconvenient Truth, is not being done by a “non-partisan, independent” organization. Tennessee Center’s President Drew Johnson comes straight out of the right’s network, coming from Exxon-funded American Enterprise Institute and the right-wing-funded National Taxpayers Foundation. If you look at the links at the website for The Tennessee Center for Policy Research, you will find links to only far right leaning organizations like the Competitive Enterprises Institute, the Cato Institute, and The Heritage Foundation to name a few. The TCPR is part of a national network of state-based right-wing organizations in 37 states as well as prominent nationwide right-wing organizations.
Through its network SPN advances the public policy ideas of the expansive right-wing political movement on the state and local level Kalee Kreider, his environmental adviser, told the Guardian that “you can attack the messenger but the message remains the same”. She said Mr Gore’s fuel bills failed to tell the whole picture. All the energy used for the Nashville home came from a green power provider to the Tennessee Valley that draws its energy from solar, wind-powered and methane gas supplies, among other sources. The Gores were installing solar panels on the roof of their home, Ms Kreider added, and making efforts to reduce their energy needs. Besides, Mr Gore had adopted a “carbon neutral” life whereby any emissions for which he was personally responsible were offset by buying green credits such as parcels of forests.
“The point about vice-president Gore is that he’s devoted 30 years of his life to educating people about global warming. That says something about the man,” she said. Laurie David, the producer of An Inconvenient Truth, said that the furore was only to be expected. A leading global warming campaigner, she is familiar with criticism of this kind having been called a “jetstream liberal” for using private planes. “What this lame attempt to discredit Al Gore tells me is that we are winning. This is comedy at its best – it’s straight out of the David Letterman show.”,,2022934,00.html The family car is a hybrid:
Global warming has been studied by thousands of scientists and 99% of them agree that much of it is being caused by human activity. You cannot pour millions upon millions of tons of co2 into the atmosphere a year around the planet and not expect consequences
….I’ve followed Gore since the 1980’s and this has always been his passion…the environment. He’s not a hypocrite on this matter. He’s researched it extensively and he lives it. He’s even written a book about it in the 1990’s. Wake up people. You can deny Global Warming all you want. You can deny Global Warming is not caused by human action. But the scientific evidence says otherwise.
This was censored earlier. So, I am reposting it.
Hager… you didn’t read my post did you? i didn’t think so.
Jacob W…He doesn’t have ownership in any Occidental Petro. It was a family trust that was gotten rid of long ago.
Jacob W…He doesn’t have ownership in any Occidental Petro. It was a family trust that was gotten rid of long ago. Read my sources & sites for the rest of the info that you are questioning.

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